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RC structural planning includes:

Without compromising on quality

Value for money

- Formwork

- Steel fixings

- Car parks

- Swimming pools

- Conical structures

- Tunnel formwork

Combining innovative solutions and value for money is what we do. Contacting Sterling Surveys is an investment in the ongoing durability of your concrete structures.

Our reputation is built on the framework of over three decades of success

Reinforced concrete structures positioned

If you are looking to hire a setting out service for the dimensional control of RC structures in East Anglia, you have come to the right place. Sterling Surveys can set out plans for reinforced concrete structures on whatever scale.

Structural specialist

Reinforced Concrete

Whether it's a car park or major office building, Sterling Surveys can flesh out the framework using state-of-the-art equipment and CAD techniques.

Reinforced reputation

scale Scaffolding clad structure  on building site Large crane dwarfing buildings Skyline of building work

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