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Multi-storey building elements include:

Accurately positioned

RC frame construction

- Beams

- Columns

- Floors

- Bracing Systems

- Connections

- Material handling capacity

- Elements of framework

Beams, columns, floors, slabs and partitions are all part of the skeleton of your building. To put these pieces together quickly and precisely contact us today.

The rigid frame of experience holds up because of years spent in both the field and the design office

Multi-storey buildings

East Anglia developers who are planning the erection of a multi-storey building need precise dimensional control for the setting out of beams, columns.

Efficiently set out

Major commercial projects

Sterling Surveys can analyse detailed multi-storey design plans based on drawings provided in paperor CAD formats. This data can then be used to accurately position the structural members

30 years' experience

scale Multi storey buildings and blue sky Construction of building using cranes Skyline of construction at work

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