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Measured building surveys include:

For scaled, accurate plans

2D and 3D Drawings

- Property floor plans

- Cross sections

- Elevations

- Reflected ceiling plans

- 2D and 3D formats shown

- The latest surveying technology used to gather information

Measured building surveys can be provided for a wide range of building projects that include; houses, schools, hospitals, retail stores, churches and even heritage sites. Contact us today to get started.



Your design planning relies on accurate visual references to aid in cost forecasting

Building structure assessment made easy

Cost forecasting is a huge consideration for your development. One of the best ways to budget your expenditure is to have a professional carry out a measured building survey.

For developments in East Anglia

Floor and ceiling plans

Accurate plans can be quickly produced after the raw data is captured on site. Sterling Surveys will then present your plans to the appropriate scale.

Detailed drawings

scale Close up of Worker working on drawing Surveyor on building site Surveyor using equipment

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